I work as an accountant, based in Ohio, working for an MNC. Living in the United States for about 10 years now and raising my son has been a wonderful experience. However, I keep thinking about home most of the time. The beauty of my country, the ability to talk to strangers in Tamil, and the warm feeling I get when I listen to someone saying ‘Nalla irrukiya?’. 

I knew the fact that it would not be enough for my son to learn Tamil at home, just by listening to us. Something additional was needed as well. He is now at a very impressionable age, and we were very keen to make sure that he gets complete access to our mother tongue and stays connected to our roots as well. As a parent, we truly believe it is necessary to make kids understand their preserved heritage. 

While finding a solution for this condition, I came to know about iPaatti. They offer a variety of Tamil story books and Tamil games online to let you learn Tamil in a fun way. I was confused and kept wondering how an online platform could give my son the same connection that my home country could. But after only a week, I was surprised to see him reciting poems and telling me some of my own childhood stories that he learned from Ipatti. Now, he knows so many new Tamil words, beautifully explains the meaning behind poems, and narrates stories as well. Now, he is very fond of Tamil story books. My friends, family, and relatives feel delighted to know about his skill. 

I wanted my son to know his culture, his heritage, and where he comes from. And, Ipatti has helped me a lot to deliver the same. Reading Tamil story books and playing Tamil games online has established a sense of pride in him. He not only learnt his mother tongue via Tamil story books but also shared an alluring bond with his mother tongue. 

It makes my wife and me so happy to see him converse freely in our mother tongue. You can also teach your Tamil, just by visiting www.ipaatti. You choose from a wide variety of Tamil games online & Tamil story books and make your new generation stay connected to their roots. 

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