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AIpaatti started its journey with children's books. Our goal is to make Tamil children's books a part of your children's library. Tamil diaspora parent has a unique challenge in making the Tamil language as a part of their children. We need to build an eco-system, which makes the Tamil language a part of their children. Children's Books, Storytelling, Tamil based game and of course Tamil schools helps to create this eco-system. We like to bring in fine quality, well-curated, and children-centric designed books. Our storybooks are part of Tamil schools used by 1000+ children in Tamil schools. Most of these stories are from our young authors, who are learning Tamil in schools. Ipaatti transforms their stories into children's books. We have created 75+ young authors. You can be a part now. Choose your package we will send books to your home.


Puzzles make learning interesting. Each month we send three puzzle cards to make word learning fun and interactive. The puzzle cards include crosswords, find words cards and a Pictionary game.

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