iபாட்டி is the first of its kind song book and audio cd, tailor made for the information-age Tamil child. Home, family, time, season, science, technology, history, geography, sports & entertainment are the ten themes that iPaatti hopes to fascinate a child with.
iபாட்டி song book:  iPaatti is a product that was developed out of one year of extensive research with Tamil children and parents living in countries like India, USA, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. The 90 pages of colour illustrations, the tunes of the songs, the language used in the lyrics, fonts and paper quality were based on the inputs from parents, school teachers and children around the world.
iPaatti also features a bi- lingual 100 word picture dictionary where words are categorized by themes. English transliteration of all songs are also provided for kids & parents who have difficulty reading Tamil script. Eminent personalities from education, music, arts, publishing & child development psychology have provided key inputs in the making of the iPaatti songbook.

Rap, hip-hop, classical, folk style songs produced on par with international albums, attracts children to listen to songs on obesity, non-violence, countries around the world, animals, mobile phones, computers and many more.
All the 35 songs were penned by Lyricist Karky, who penned chartbusters in Tamil films such as Irumbile(Endhiran), Ennamo Edho(Ko), & Ask Laska(Nanban), to the tunes of Mohammed Rizwan.

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