Activity based learning is the most effective and modern way of learning. This makes the young children learn faster and understand the basic concepts more easily.  This type of learning process differs from the traditional form of teaching and learning with the inclusion of many types of pedagogical approaches. With hands on experiments and activities that help the children explore by themselves the concept related realms gives an opportunity to them to acquire a deep knowledge and understanding of the concepts they are studying.

The activity based learning system makes use of various types of learning aids including a variety of educational toys carefully designed to help the child go through the learning process in an easy and effective manner. Learning a language through activities is a new approach. This calls for very careful application of mind on the part of the educator where he takes the responsibility of creating the right type of educational materials that form the basis for the activity based learning system.

Teaching the language of Tamil to the young children who are growing up in a foreign environment is really a challenging task. At the same time it is an exhilarating one as this type of activity will help the child get more interested in the learning of Tamil as a language. With creative and thought provoking learning aids the child can learn the Tamil language in fun and interactive way. 

We at iPAATTI have taken some pioneering effort in creating the right types of  educational toys and materials that are useful in introducing the child to the tamil language through interesting and absorbing activities. With the use of our board games, toys, electronics games and quality Smartphone Apps it is now possible to make the child come to the tamil language learning platform voluntarily. The child gets engaged in the learning process for a long period and feels the joy of learning and using the wonderful language of Tamil in all its sweetness in a practical way.

Making young children growing in foreign countries learn Tamil is an uphill task as they are in an environment where Tamil is not a necessity.  It is mostly viewed as an additional burden. Making the children go through the starting phase of learning the Tamil language is a big problem for many of the parents. In spite of their best efforts, the young children do not show the required level of interest to learn and get acquainted with Tamil as a language.

Even if they learn it they do not have enough exposure to enrich their language skills and by making them undergo the activity based Tamil learning, you can easily make them spend more quality time in the Tamil learning process. This helps them acquire the necessary language skills and use them to practice the language in a playful and interesting manner.

As Tamil parents of young children you will be searching for quality learning aids that you can provide your children to help them learn Tamil in an easy and interesting manner. You will be disappointed with the lack of good, quality and effective learning tools like board games, toys, electronics games, quality apps etc in Tamil. To fill this great vacuum the has created much thought provoking and well thought out learning tools that will make the child get interested in the learning of Tamil language and master the basics of the language in an easy and interesting manner.

For those Tamil children who are living in foreign countries learning their mother tongue is nothing but renewing their bonds to their mother land. This is necessary for them to understand the uniqueness and greatness of our culture and our enormous science knowledge, our innovations, way of life, life sciences and rich heritage in our literature, which the Tamil people have given to the whole world.

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