The vast universe of imagination can be broadened in a child through the exposure of stories. Either by narration or books, making them involved in stories can benefit them alot. But today's children do not want to read or hear about facts and non-fiction stories, they want to read interesting stories and engaging fiction novels that can relate to them and speak to their hearts directly.  

Role of Stories in Children's Lives

Children's development and growth are substantially assisted by stories. They can form friends with the characters they encounter in the novels they read. It's also vital for kids to learn that books are a valuable source of information and that excellent reading abilities are essential for future success. Reading aids self-esteem, emotional control, language acquisition, and self confidence.

It is scientifically proven that if something is said in our mother tongue, whether a sentence or a story, then it will engage us more easily. Also, reading in one's own mother tongue early in school has also reduced the dropout rates and makes education more engaging, relevant, and pleasant for children. 

While Tamil is one of the oldest languages of this world, it mainly originated in the South Indian subcontinent from Dravidians. As modernization happened, Tamil speaking people resonated in the world and started living in different parts. There are nearly 195,685 people alone in the USA who speak Tamil. As they are now living in a country where their mother tongue is a foreign language, it is scientifically as well as culturally significant to teach it to the upcoming generation. 

Stories In Your Mother Tongue : iPAATTI’s Tamil Story Books Online

iPAATTI is an online platform which offers a variety of story books and interactive online games in Tamil. There are several iPAATTI Tamil stories which are intended to stimulate children's interest in Tamil language while also allowing them to discover the outer world through it. To spark children’s interest in Tamil, these storybooks include vivid pictures, audio and dramatic music as well.

These storybooks are now being utilized in Tamil classrooms by 1000+ students also. The majority of these tales are written by iPAATTI's young authors, who are professional Tamil students at different Tamil schools. You can choose a package and books will be sent to your home directly. It is that simple! 

Ipaatti have a great variety of Story Books in hard copy as well as in the form of E-books. You can easily subscribe to their storybooks and read out new Tamil stories to your child every day. iPAATTI even has a Tamil children's story reading app, that you can find on PlayStore or other app store. 

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